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Some tips to encourage language learning at home:

  • The library has a wealth of learning material and it is free.

  • If the parent/guardian is not comfortable reading in the selected language you can also find many audio books.

  • Get your child accustomed to watching movies in other languages other than English.

  • Many kids spends several hours in the car. Having stories/songs playing while driving is a 

    great use of time.

  • While brushing your child's teeth you can sing the days of the week, count, recite colours etc.

  • Bathtime is a great time to learn body parts. It also helps promote thorough cleaning habits.

  • When grocery shopping with your child repeat the names of the fruits and vegetables in the target language.

  • Actively attend classes with your child whenever possible to encourage family participation.

  • Bedtime is good time to sing lullabies to your child. In one week your child will be familiar with the vocabulary in the selected song and with the given sentence structures.

  • Home repetition encourages learning.

  • Bingo is a great game for learning vocabulary and is easy to make with scrap paper.

  • If you are comfortable with your children using computers or other mobile devices, there are several language learning apps that can be accessed online.

  • When learning a new word, place the word on your fridge or wall where it is seen regularly.

  • The washroom walls are also a great place to post drawings with written words considering the number of visits your child will make to the washroom.


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