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Multilingual kids is a full immersion language program for infants, toddlers and children. The curriculum is comprised of an age-appropriate repertoire which has been researched, collected and modified over the years. Clarity, repetition and interaction are our building blocks. The program is divided into 5 groups—Caterpillars (birth to 2 years), Mice (2 to 4 years), Cats (under 4 years), Lions (4 to 8 years), and Dragons (8+). Classes are kept to a maximum of 8 children to ensure child/teacher attention. 

Caterpillars (birth to 2 years)
Full immersion circle time including songs, nursery rhymes, bounces, puppets, parachute, finger plays lullabies and more. They babies and caregivers are introduced to basic vocabulary of primary colours, farm animals, numbers, action words and more. Lyrics are provided to encourage repetition at home. 

Mice (2 to 4 years)
Parent and tot full immersion class in a fun environment to promote language learning. The toddlers are exposed to the specific language through songs, movement, games, stories and props, such as puppets, instruments and more.The toddlers and caregivers are introduced to extended colours, farm animals and zoo animals, numbers, fruit and vegetable names, action words, days of the week, basic salutatory sentences and more. The children are encouraged to repeat and participate along with the caregiver.  Lyrics are provided to encourage repetition at home.


Cats (under 4 years) 
This is a combination of Caterpillars and Mice. This works well with children who are from 2 to 4 years old but are just starting their language journey. They will need to learn the material from the early age group to move onto the more advanced vocabulary.

Lions (4 to 8 years)
Parents are welcome but not mandatory. The  children interact through language-learning games, songs, stories, activity sheets, short plays and arts and crafts. Vocabulary driven games are a constant to reinforce memory. Colours, introductions, seasons, days of the week and foods are repeated. Promoting conversation is a constant goal in every class.

Dragons (8+)
We suggest virtual one-on -one classes or private home classes for children 8 and up. These classes are designed to suit the individual needs of the child.  The classes focus on interaction through games and other activities used to promote repetition and sentence structure. The child is encouraged to practice the material covered weekly in class on a daily basis as they would if learning an instrument. Oral communication, basic grammar and sentence structure are the main focus.

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