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Introducing a unique and inspired language experience for kids of all ages—songs, poems, rhymes and stories in a variety of languages. Multilingual Kids provides an opportunity to embark on the exciting journey of experiencing the joys of language. At this current time we are offering mostly Virtual classes catered to the individual needs in Italian, French and Spanish.


All our programs are specifically designed for kids from birth to 100. Learning a language is similar to learning to play an instrument and requires fine repetitive practice. We encourage parents and grandparents to get involved and make language learning a family experience. 


Research has shown that from infancy to age 7, many new connections are being formed in the brain, and when exposed to the sounds of a second language during this time, the brain of a young child will actually grow connections that make a new language easy to learn. Our brains develop the most in the first three years of our life, therefore exposing your child to another language during this time stimulates the development of brain cells. Studies have also shown that learning a foreign language at an early age has many hidden advantages, such as, higher attainment in reading, math, science, creativity, problem solving, improved sense of self-esteem and a greater appreciation of other cultures.


By taking the time to introduce your child to languages, you will expand your child’s mind and horizons!


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